You know those friends that are the greatest because they are cheerleaders and drill sergeants depending on what you need? Hollie is that friend. Massively supportive but will 100% kick my butt if I need it. I was ecstatic that she wanted to have some moments with her extended family - the people that mean the absolute most to her. She wanted to go to a park that had significant meaning to her family and have a picnic with the kids favorite - Pizza! So off we drove to Davis county to meet up with her family.

Families are incredible. Sometimes they experience such tragedy and sorrow, but it can transform into something strong, resilient and even more full of love. Watching this family and knowing the trials they had gone through and how much joy they had was an honor. There was so much laughter during this picnic. It was absolutely contagious. I smiled with them the entire time.

I can relate to Hollie's complete adoration for her nieces and nephews. Being an aunt is something so special. The experiences and memories you make with your nieces and nephews is such a unique thing. Every moment I get with my own is a gift. Watching as another fellow "aunt" had those moments was very fun.

I feel so honored every time I get to step into a family's moment of their life. Not just sharing that time with them, but to help them capture the memory so it is tangible and not just one more thing to get lost in the mind or to time. I hope you enjoy these moments from this evening