One of the best parts of doing photography has been all the incredible people I have met. One such person is this beautiful human who I have had the immense pleasure to collab with on more than one occasion. She has since become one of my closest and dearest friends. I was completely honored when her special man called me weeks before the holiday season and told me he REALLY wanted to propose near the holidays. And he knew if he didn't have photos of it all going down, she would be so sad. I love that he knows her so well. So to planning we got.

The guise was this: I casually mentioned that I wanted to add some couple photos to my portfolio but more glam, formal, and in a nice setting. She didn't know if her man would agree and told me she would "work on convincing him" to agree to model. I subtly planned with her to wear outfits she liked, make sure her nails were nice because I wanted to get detail shots, and to also bring some roses. She arrived wearing curlers in her hair because to her - this was just a modeling trade for print, but to her man and I, her life was about to radically change!

Proposals never go as planned or expected. But honestly that's the best part. The raw and authentic moments that can't be planned wrapped up in the excitement, surprise, and other emotions. It creates the most beautiful story through images.

I hope you enjoy watching the beginning to the end. I've broken the photos into 2 parts - the first is where she thought she was modeling, and the second part is the chronological order of the events of the proposal. I hope you enjoy watching this day and the pure joy and excitement of my dear friend. I hope the 2 of them find a lifetime of happiness and joy together!

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