I absolutely love Autumn. I love that nature shows off and the mountains explode in beautiful colors. Utah is just so special because there is so many incredible landscapes and so many fun places to go that are absolutely perfect for your family photos. The only downside of Autumn is that the weather can be temperamental. And this day when this beautiful family's session was supposed to take place was absolutely no exception.

We arrived at this beautiful spot in Northern Utah and it was trying to sprinkle. However, as we started the session, the sky held off and the wind slowed just enough that it was super crazy. They came dressed in beautiful coordinating colors of olive green beige with touches of dark mustard. I also love that they brought their furry family member and Grandma! All these things just made this whole session so special.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do. This family just made me smile and laugh! If you are in need of updating your own family portraits, contact me today!