This afternoon was such a delight. A mom had contacted me and asked if I would do a best friend session or her daughter on her 16 birthday. How could I say no? It was such a thoughtful gift this mother was giving - not just the experience for her daughter and friends but the tangible memories of this 16 birthday immortalized in photos! Of course these friends were a little shy at first but they quickly warmed up despite the colder temps.

There was so much laughter and jokes being made. It was such an awesome time watching these young adults interacting and having such a blast. We made sure everyone got time with the birthday girl and had some fun group sessions. I really appreciate that they knew about the "Classic" movie While You Were Sleeping.

I would love to do more of these. I think there is not enough emphasis on how important photos are. Time will pass us by and all we have left are memories and the photos to help us remember. If you are wanting to book something fun like this please get in touch so we can plan today!