Beka is no stranger in my photography. I've known her over 10 years now. I've had the honor of watching her grow up from a bubbly young girl into an incredible, passionate young woman. She went to college last fall in a different state and while life here in the 801 has not been the same, she has blossomed even more.

I met Michael last fall when Beka brought him home for a visit. He was absolutely smitten with Beka and they couldn't stop smiling. Young love. Full of giggles, butterflies, and stolen glances. Those are some of the best feelings and moments in life and it was so adorable to see her and Michael both exhibiting that.

Michael reached out to me one night and said he wanted to give Beka pictures for their anniversary. I will admit I did a little, "Aw" moment at my phone when I saw that. But then he went beyond and said he also wanted to surprise propose to her and knew she would want the pictures. Michael is a very smart man. Every woman wants their proposal photographed!

We went to a beautiful park at sunrise so we could be alone. Beka had no idea what was in store. She was just ecstatic to have pictures with her man. We walked around, watched the sun come up, and they were just flat out adorable.

Michael told me before hand that he had written a song for Beka and he wanted to sing it for her before he asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. As he played for her and sang, I had tears in my eyes. It was such a beautiful moment and the words he gave her, I almost felt guilty for being there and witnessing that sacred moment. And then, after sharing such a beautiful gift, he asked her to join him on the crazy adventure of life as his wife.

Of course Beka said, "YES!" Many tears were shed, more giggles, more kisses, and definitely more snuggles. I cannot wait to see their love grow even more as they start this new chapter in their life!