This story honestly starts 6 years ago. Once upon a time, I worked at a local grocery chain and was one of the Front End Managers. Carolina bopped into work one day this cute little spunky personality and was immediately one of my best checkers. She met the love of her life there and this summer they graciously modeled for me as I wanted to play at a new location.

Fast forward a few months and Carolina slid into my DMs, wanting some family photos with her sister. I was all too excited. First, she came back and second, I love sister sessions. I have sisters - 3 of them in fact - and I know how special that bond is. I was ecstatic to take this on.

We met up at Silver Lake and enjoyed the last little bit of sunlight before the sun dipped down below the Wasatch Mountains. We laughed and talked about how sisters steal from each other (with love) - clothes, make up, soap, and magazines - and how happy we were that we had a sister. Enjoy some photos from this mini session!