I cannot believe it is all ready December. It feels like yesterday was my birthday (middle of summer) and the day before that was New Years. Last year I did Christmas Minis at a tree farm. I almost didn't do minis this year, but I had this crazy idea in my head that I wanted to use my mother's wagon she has had since she was a little girl. I thought it would add a nice, rustic detail. Out shopping I went and found all these adorable burlap, plaid, and pinecone details. Some of these are not being used to decorate my own house for Christmas because I loved them that much!

I have to give a deep, heartfelt, HUGE shoutout to Emmy who came and helped me set up, corral clients, get kids attention, and wear jingle bells on her head. I am forever grateful that she helped turn this into such a success. If you need a tree decorator or fluffer - she's your girl to help with that. Also, how gorgeous is she?

I absolutely loved that I had so many little ones and their parents come. I was even graced with a 116 pound fur baby. I was in heaven! Please know your fur babies are always welcome with me. Infact, they make every session better. If you consider your pets your family (like I do) then please, please, PLEASE bring them along. I will always find fur baby friendly locations.

It is never taken for granted how amazing all of my clients past and present are. I am humbled and grateful for every time they step in front of my lens and allow me to save their memories. It is a delight for me to watch families share laughter and love. I truly hope this holiday season is full of love and joy for you. And that you take time for what is truly important not just this time of year, but all the time, and that is appreciating the little big things that are in your life!