What a ride the past few months have been. The world seems to have gone a little crazy and right now we are experiencing some form of quarantine or social distancing due to "Covid-19". Today in Utah there was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake and my home was very near the epicenter. I was on my landing walking my dogs back inside when it hit. It was such a surreal, horrifying moment. My whole world was shaking. It was not longer an intangible notion in my head, I was standing on quaking ground.

There is a lot to sit here and be sad about, a lot I could feel sorry for myself over and feel stressed about. I see it in my social media feeds and hear it on the news. But, I want to focus on the good I know is happening. I'm not saying we shouldn't have concern or be cautious, but I want to give some energy into more positive thoughts right now.

In January I did an impromptu Target session. I also got to take pictures of some of my favorite people and see one of them before she headed back to college. My original plans were a park and something else, but the weather had a different idea. Creativity and flexibility prevailed and was a good time.

I also had the opportunity and utter privilege to capture my friend's maternity session. I am beyond happy for all the wonderful things that are going on in her life. She's an incredible human who has found herself an incredible partner and now is adding to her cute little family.

Also had the privilege to once again have the lovely Amy and Andy in front of my lens. They have been supportive of my photography from the beginning. Even after giving them awful session after awful session they are still willing to stand in front of my lens and for that I am so appreciative. I can see my growth in photography with them and that's a true gift they have given to me.

My beautiful sister-in-law also honored me by allowing me to take her maternity portraits as well. She is just absolutely stunning!

I have enjoyed making new friends this year as well in the creative community. Rae is a model I met through another friend and his sassy attitude added to his complete professionalism makes him a joy to photograph and work with. This was also a complete out of the norm session for me.

Speaking of friends, I went out to the Salt Flats with these lovely ladies and froze my feet, but the laughter and fun was so worth it. Marissa, NeeNee, & Savanna !

And finally had the most magical time with a new Creative Co-op called The Chrysalis, spearheaded by my dear friend Heather. I taught briefly on some pointers for posing couples. Aren't these 2 the most adorable?

I'm going to believe the best is yet to come. I want to continue to be hopeful for 2020. I posted on my personal facebook today that I know one day I will look back and will be able to say "I got through this", much like all the other crazy things I have gotten through in my life. I have a plaque in my house that says, "You can do the incredible, because you have been through the impossible." Here's hoping the worst is behind and the best is yet to come.