I woke up today grateful for all the wonderful people photography has brought into my life - other photographers, models, other creatives, and most importantly clients. So many of my clients have come back and turned into dear friends. It's such a full heart feeling of how rich my life feels knowing these people. And how I also feel that my life would be less without them.

I met one member of this sweet family through a mutual friend. And then she has come back not just to support the boudoir side of my photography, but also my family portrait side. Getting to know this family and watch them interact with each other has been nothing short of a joy for me. They are funny, loving, and super respectful.

Since I have met this family, I have met friends and in laws. It grows. People I never would've gotten to hear stories from are now woven into my life. I love it. All because I decided to pursue this crazy dream of capturing memories. It's because of moments like this I encourage others to follow their crazy dreams. There is a richness not found in material wealth that is waiting for those willing to "follow our dreams".

One thing I loved most about this session was just the fun we had. How they liked to have fun with each other and laugh. Not only that, but this was the weekend this grandma and grandpa met their granddaughter. I hope you enjoy some of the snippits from this spring evening in the garden.