This beautiful family has come back for multiple years now. I loved that we got to capture how big all of these boys are now because they are like weeds. Every time I blink they're bigger and taller. I try to tell them that growing up is a trap, same as their mother has told them, but they do not listen. And look at the baby who is now not a baby! It seems like just yesterday I had photographed him and his mom's fresh 48!

They chose this location and it was absolutely perfect for their fall colored wardrobe and the time of year. Such beautiful woods, the little stream, and of course the shenanigans the little boys had to pull! They can't help it, I know, but they did so good! I captured some of the more candid moments to show off their personalities - even mom and dad played around a little bit!

I hope you enjoy this lovely family as much as I do! And please, when you are doing your family session, remember the candid fun moments are truly the best!