Ashley and Skyler are the couple that make you believe true love can truly conquer all. They have definitely had their share of ups and downs, but they act like they just met yesterday and are smitten kittens. Over 10 years together and their love only has gotten sweeter. I was ecstatic when they agreed to be in front of my lens so I could capture their beautiful love.

We met before the sun was up and headed up Millcreek. My usual spot with a beautiful bridge and lovely path was closed off. I was so disappointed. However, if I learned anything from my time in Eastern Europe it's that you have to be "gipki" (flexible) and roll with the punches. I asked them if they were okay following me and stopping at spots I saw. They were the most amazing couple and were all for the adventure! So up the canyon we went on an impromptu adventure making the best of my shook up plan.

What I loved most about this session was the laughter. I strive to make people comfortable and give them an experience where laughter and joy come naturally. These two had me laughing as much as they were. Every smile and moment was so genuine and authentic. Despite it being so cold! And let me tell you, it was VERY cold! I hope you enjoy these photos. I absolutely cannot tell you how much this morning was for me. Until next time!