Landon + Sol

Do you ever look at someone's plate at a restaurant and think, "Wow! I want what they are having!" That's how I feel about Landon and Sol's love story. I have photographed them a few times now, and every time I never see a wavering of their love. In fact, it only seems to bloom and grow MORE! They are so sweet with each other and if you meet them, you will believe that true love exists!

I was so honored when they said yes to photos at the Utah State Capitol Blossoms. She asked what they should wear and I told them almost anything would work. However she joked, "Ok I'll wear NEON!" They of course showed up in absolutely the most perfectly Spring attire. You truly can never go wrong with neutrals in your photos.

I love when I don't have to give direction after direction and I can just let clients be themselves. Capturing those little subtle moments, the laughter, the attempted stolen kisses, and the nuzzles are my favorite. I hope you enjoy this little snapshot into the love story with Landon and Sol! A romance novel should be written with them as the main characters! If you want to be the main character of your own love story be sure to contact me!