The Sweetest Little Family

I have met some incredible people in my day job and made quite a few connections. This family reached out wanting some family portraits now that their second little one had arrived. In fact, they told me they hadn't had family portraits since their wedding! I was so excited to meet them all and spend some time watching them interact.

We started inside first. Little man was all too enthralled with his baby sister and wanted to snuggle and love on her so much. It was absolutely the sweetest thing to see him all ready so protective of his sister. His mom repeatedly said that he didn't have a jealous bone and was in no way threatened by her - those concepts were so foreign . He instead got angry if he couldn't hold or help with his sister. How precious!

We then moved outside and got some sun, enjoying their beautiful backyard, patio, and then a cozy front porch swing. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved capturing them!